Cosplay  Kindergarten course    NEW!

A vibrant new three-level course for children aged three to six, bringing the exciting and entertaining world of English to life. Children will love following the adventures of the characters, who create an imaginary world of fun. Cosplay uses a cross-curricular approach, helping children to develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually, all while learning English. More details...


I Can Speak  Kindergarten video series    NEW!

An exciting three-volume set of entertaining and educational DVDs to help young children start learning English. Developed by a leading educational entertainment specialist in collaboration with early childhood linguistic experts, I Can Speak is an effective and fun way to present the basic words and sounds of English to young children. More details...


Starting with English  Kindergarten course

This innovative course makes learning English fun. The language is introduced through stories that appeal to young children. They learn the language naturally as they hear and enjoy the stories. More details...


Time to read and write  Primary reading skills

An exciting three-book reading comprehension series for early primary students, complementing the first three levels of all primary courses. A wide range of interesting texts focus on topics such as colours, family, animals, sports and hobbies. More details...


Smile  Primary course    NEW!

An engaging new English course for primary schools. This exciting six-level primary course provides a well-balanced syllabus covering functions, structures, vocabulary, listening, speaking, writing and study skills. Suitable for complete beginners as well as children who have completed an introductory or pre-school course. More details...


Reading Tracks  Primary reading skills

An exciting seven-level reading skills series for primary students. Encourages primary students to enjoy reading and to develop essential reading skills. Each book contains twenty reading passages drawn from themes that reflect children's interests. More details...


Writing Tracks  Primary writing skills

A new four-book writing series for primary students. The aim of the series is to help beginner to elementary students master basic writing skills at both sentence level and text level. Focuses on key language structures and simple texts. More details...


Grammar Club  Primary grammar course

Makes learning grammar fun! A seven-level grammar course for primary students which can be used as an independent grammar course or as a supplement to course books. Provides students with a clear understanding of basic grammar as well as plenty of opportunity to practise. More details...


Let's Read It!  Reading comprehension    NEW!

A delightful new three-level reading series for primary children, specially designed to help primary children develop essential reading skills and a love of reading. Each book is filled with graded reading texts that cover a range of interesting but familiar topics. Beautifully presented with enchanting illustrations and vibrant photographs. More details...


Hear Here!  Primary listening skills

Specifically developed to help young people improve their listening skills. Each level offers fifteen units covering themes such as colours and numbers, family, games and activities. Can be used alongside any mainstream course book. More details...


Creative Reading Practice  Primary reading comprehension

This practical three or four-level course helps young English learners develop their reading and comprehension skills. The adventures of Ben and his family and friends entertain young students and encourage them to read. The series can be used as a comprehension course on its own, or as a supplement to other course books. More details...


Creative Listening Practice  Primary listening skills

This practical three or four-level course helps young English learners develop their listening skills. It utilises the same reading passages as Creative Reading Practice but the topics are expanded through a wide range of listening texts. More details...

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