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Starting with English

Ken Methold and Jane Bowring

British or American English

This innovative course makes learning English fun. The language is introduced through stories that appeal to young children. They learn the language naturally as they hear and enjoy the stories.

Delightful characters like Rabbit and Monkey introduce the alphabet and the words in the stories. The language is then reinforced by many different activities such as songs, chants, puzzles, colouring and tracing.

The course can be configured for one, two or three years of pre-primary.

Key features

  • bright and beautiful full-colour illustrations
  • based on approximately 250 of the most commonly used words
  • Only the words to be learned are spoken in the stories.
  • Teacher's Guides provide lesson plans and progress checks and tests.


  • 6 full-colour Student's Books, 32/56 pages
  • 6 Activity Books, 32 pages
  • 6 Teacher's Guides, 68/92 pages
  • 6 audio cassettes or CDs
  • Music book, 90 pages
  • Flash cards, stickers, face masks

Markets available:

  • all markets except Egypt, Greece, Poland, Turkey

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