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I Can Speak  NEW!

Brad Felstead, Christa Felstead, Gillian Flaherty and James Bean

Beginner / CEF Level: A1
International English

I Can Speak is an exciting three-volume set of entertaining and educational DVDs to help young children start learning English. Developed by a leading educational entertainment specialist in collaboration with early childhood linguistic experts, I Can Speak is an effective and fun way to present the basic words and sounds of English to young children. They will love the warm characters, bright colourful animation and enchanting pictures. The charming music features some of the best-loved children's tunes of all time.

Each volume of I Can Speak teaches children basic vocabulary and basic function words. The complete set contains three volumes that expose young children to over 150 specially selected words. Each DVD comes with an Activity Book filled with stimulating activities. Young children will have fun with the point-and-say, colouring, painting, drawing and sticker activities in the book. The Activity Books have been carefully designed to be easy for teachers or parents to use with their children.

Key features

  • an enchanting mix of beautiful animation and live action
  • a basic vocabulary of 150 of the most commonly used words in English
  • fun activities to get children speaking and understanding English
  • integration of presentation and activities to maximise the learning potential of young children


  • 3 30-minute DVDs
  • 3 full-colour Activity Books
  • I Can Speak Music CD and Music Book
  • Complete set of flash cards
  • I Can Speak poster

Markets available:

  • all markets

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