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Cosplay  NEW!

Basak Elmas, Nicole Toma and Richard M. Bayliss

CEF Level Below A1 to A1
British English

Cosplay is a vibrant new three-level course for children aged three to six. Cosplay brings the exciting and entertaining world of English to life. Children will love following the adventures of the characters, who create an imaginary world of fun. Cosplay uses a cross-curricular approach, helping children to develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually, all while learning English. This beautifully illustrated course comes with a generous number of components presented in a colourful Cosplay Bag. Each level of the course includes not only a Pupil's and Teacher's Book but an Activity Book, Hybrid DVD and Big Book as well as posters, flashcards, stickers and a character puppet. The Photocopiable Extras Book, Scissor Skills Book and Alphabet Book make this an incredibly comprehensive package of materials for young learners.

Cosplay uses stories, games, songs, TPR activities and chants to focus children's interest, energy and enthusiasm towards learning English. Motivating themes are used throughout the course to stimulate children's imaginations and interest.

Key features

  • beautiful pastel illustrations
  • large range of stimulating components
  • hybrid DVD with animated songs, stories and chants
  • highly detailed Teacher's Book


  • 3 four-colour Pupil's Books, 106 pages
  • 3 Activity Books, 48 pages
  • 3 Teacher's Books, 233 pages
  • 3 Student and 3 Teacher DVDs
  • 2 Big Books
  • Posters and Flashcards
  • Stickers
  • Puppet
  • Cosplay Bag
  • Photocopiable Extras Book
  • Scissor Skills Book

Markets available:

  • All markets except Turkey

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