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Grammar Club

Gillian Flaherty and James Bean

CEF Levels: Bk 1 A1, Bk 2 A1, Bk 3 A2, Bk 4 A2, Bk 5 B1, Bk 6 B1, Bk 7 B1
British or American English

Grammar Club makes learning grammar fun! Grammar Club is a seven-level grammar course for primary students. It can be used as an independent grammar course or as a supplement to course books. Grammar Club provides students with a clear understanding of basic grammar as well as plenty of opportunity to practise. Students will love the characters who guide them through each level.

Key features

  • familiar themes to present new language
  • delightful illustrations to establish clear contexts
  • friendly characters to guide students through the book
  • wide range of carefully graded exercises
  • vocabulary exercises to introduce theme-related words
  • simple grammar summaries for every unit
  • review page in every unit
  • practical and comprehensive Teacher's Guides including copiable review tests


  • 7 four-colour Student's Books, 72 pages
  • 7 Teacher's Guides with tests and answer keys

Markets available:

  • Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Egypt, India, Korea, Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sikkim, Sri Lanka, Taiwan

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