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Hear Here!


Susannah Reed, Julia Allen and Margaret Iggulden

CEF Levels: Bk 1 A1, Bk 2 A2, Bk 3 B1
British or American English

Hear Here! has been specifically developed to help young people improve their listening skills. Each level of Hear Here! offers fifteen units covering themes such as colours and numbers, family, games and activities. Hear Here! can be used alongside any mainstream course book: Level 1 with years 1 and 2; Level 2 with years 3 and 4; and Level 3 with years 5 and 6.

Key features

  • expands on themes familiar to students from their course book
  • language carefully paced to build on what students already know
  • variety of listening texts, including dialogues, interviews and chants
  • features a wide range of fun, activity-based listening tasks
  • personalisation activities allow students to apply their learning to themselves at each stage
  • prepares students for listening tasks in the TOEIC and Cambridge Young Learner English Tests
  • has a teacher-friendly design with key language highlighted throughout


  • 3 four-colour Student's Books, 64 pages
  • 3 audio cassettes or CDs
  • 3 Teacher's Guides with extensive notes, audio scripts and answer keys

Markets available:

  • All markets except China, Korea, Thailand

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