Our Place in the Universe  Reading and vocabulary development    NEW!

A stimulating reading comprehension practice with a science and technology focus covering a diverse range of contemporary issues. Gives students useful exposure to graded scientific texts, expanding their vocabulary and developing their skills in analysing and interpreting written and visual information. More details...


Our Home the Earth  Reading and vocabulary development

An up-to-date reading comprehension book that focuses on key areas of science and technology. It covers a wide variety of contemporary topics including genetic engineering, global warming and the Internet. It also deals with some of the basic concepts of science, such as human evolution, DNA and the origin of the universe. More details...


Our Unique Planet  Reading and vocabulary development

Contains twenty-two lively and fascinating reading texts on science and technology. It covers a wide range of topics relevant to our contemporary world (eg stem cell research, endangered species, how mobile phones work) and some of the big challenges of science (eg the origin of life, the search for the tiniest particles of matter). More details...


Our World  Reading comprehension

Our World is an issue-based reading comprehension series. The passages are very topical. They consist of abridged and simplified articles from leading international publications such as Time Magazine, The Economist. and Business Week. More details...


Integrated Technical English  Reading and listening skills in technical English

Specifically developed to assist students who will go on to study a technical course in English or mixed medium. The twenty-one units focus on themes such as numbers, energy and motion, computers, the Internet, and structures and plans. Focuses on the reading and listening skills and vocabulary that technical students need. More details...


Pop Culture  Reading and writing skills

Teenagers and young adults will relate to the pop culture theme of this fascinating series. Horror movies, body art, supermodels, comic books, dance music and extreme sports are just some of the many subjects in Pop Culture. More details...


Travel and Tourism  ESP listening and speaking with video

A speaking and listening course aimed at travellers as well as students studying English for the hospitality industry. It highlights the vocabulary and grammatical structures commonly used by travellers and people such as travel agents, hotel staff, waiters, bartenders and tour guides. More details...


For and Against  Reading, listening and discussion skills

An innovative two-book series designed to develop reading, listening and discussion skills. Fifteen interesting discussion topics are presented from both sides of the issue. Students learn how to understand both sides of the issue and identify key points. More details...


Listen to This!  Listening and speaking skills

A practical two-book listening and speaking course for elementary to intermediate students. Real-life listening and speaking situations are used to equip students to engage in meaningful communication. Topics such as socialising, shopping, travel and phone conversations make Listen to This! a valuable resource for any classroom. More details...


Visuals: Writing about Graphs, Tables and Diagrams   IELTS preparation

A guide to writing for the IELTS Academic Writing Module Task 1 and similar writing tasks.

Essay Writing for English Tests  IELTS preparation

A guide to writing essays for the IELTS Academic Writing Module Task 2 and similar essay tasks. More details...


The Good Reader / The Good Speaker  Reading/Speaking skills

Exciting new reading skills and writing skills books for upper secondary and college students, covering a wide range of stimulating topics. More details...


TOEIC Language and Practice  TOEIC preparation and practice

A classroom resource aimed at lower level students planning to take TOEIC for the first time. A useful resource for TOEIC teachers whose students need a more gradual approach to test preparation. More details...

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