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Reading Tracks

Maggie Aldhamland

CEF Levels: Starter A1, Bks 1-3 A2, Bks 3-6 B1
British or American English

Reading Tracks is an exciting seven-level reading skills series for primary students. This series will encourage primary students to enjoy reading and to develop essential reading skills. Each book contains twenty reading passages drawn from themes that reflect children's interests. The wide variety of authentic and lively texts will keep students engaged and motivated. Each unit contains a wide range of enjoyable activities. Reading Tracks aims to build students' confidence in their own ability to read fluently in English.

Key features

  • stimulating range of themes and topics
  • wide range of text types
  • pre-reading activities to activate interest in each new topic
  • vocabulary activities to aid understanding of key words
  • mix of comprehension activities
  • listening activities to extend the theme of each unit
  • speaking activities to extend students' interest in topic


  • 7 full-colour Student's Books, 88 pages
  • 7 Teacher's Guides containing answers and audio scripts
  • Reading texts available as audio

Markets available:

  • All markets except Arab World, China (excluding Hong Kong and Macao), Korea

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