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Rabbit Readers  NEW!

Friederike Klippel and Ingrid Preedy

CEF Levels: Level 1 pre A1-A1, Level 2 A1
British and American English

Rabbit Readers are a delightful new set of graded reading books for primary learners. Each book is original fiction written for children today. With beautiful illustrations, creative activity pages and glossary, children and teachers will love the easy-to-read format and engaging activities.

Key features

  • imaginative stories written in a fresh and lively style
  • careful vocabulary and grammar grading
  • beautiful full colour illustrations to captivate and motivate the readers
  • entertaining activities and puzzles to encourage the reader to look carefully at the text
  • useful glossaries
  • high-quality audio recordings of all books


  • 3 Level 1 full-colour books, 36 pages
  • 5 Level 2 full-colour books, 48 pages
  • Teacher's Guide
  • 6 Audio CDs

Markets available:

  • All markets
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