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General editor: James Bean

Low elementary to upper intermediate
CEF Levels: Level 1 A1, Level 2 A1-A2, Level 3 A2-B1, Level 4 B1, Level 5 B1-B2, Level 6 B2
British or American English

Robin Readers is a series of exciting fiction readers for students aged eleven years and above. These highly engaging stories will entertain students while improving their English language skills. Robin Readers cover six levels: low elementary, elementary, pre-intermediate, low intermediate, intermediate and upper intermediate. The readers are carefully graded according to grammatical structures, vocabulary and length. This year's new title is A Dangerous Race.

Key features

  • wide range of genres from mysteries and thrillers to fantasy and science fiction
  • fresh and lively styles of writing
  • careful vocabulary and grammar grading
  • useful glossaries
  • separate or integrated vocabulary and comprehension exercises
  • beautiful full-colour illustrations
  • high-quality audio recordings of all books


  • 58 titles across six levels with extents ranging from 36 to 96 pages
  • audio CD or CDs with each title

Markets available:

  • Central and South America

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