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Breakaway  NEW!


Beginner to low elementary
CEF Levels: Bk 1 A1-A2, Bk 2 A2, Bk 3 A2-B1, Bk 4 B1, Bk 5 B1-B2, Bk 6 B2
British or American English

Breakaway is a six-level reading skills series for elementary to upper intermediate secondary students. Its stimulating reading texts cover a wide range of contemporary themes such as city development, the environment, travel, space exploration and sport. The wide variety of text types - including emails, blog entries and magazine interviews - familiarise students with a range of modern communication channels. Teachers will appreciate the way the texts in Breakaway complement students' learning in other subject areas, such as science, geography, history and music.

The vocabulary and grammar of Breakaway are carefully controlled. This makes it easy for teachers to select the right level for their classes, and helps students feel confident as they read. Key vocabulary is introduced in each unit with exercises that develop strong vocabulary-learning skills.

Breakaway focuses on the development of essential reading skills such as understanding the main idea, understanding the structure of a text and vocabulary inference. Examination focused skills such as scanning for specific information, understanding reference words and completing a summary of the text are also covered. Students are also asked to respond to each reading text with their own personal opinions.

Breakaway is an extremely useful and attractive resource for any secondary classroom. Students will develop important reading skills, and they and their teachers will enjoy reading about the vast range of fascinating topics.

Key features

  • wide range of fascinating topics
  • variety of contemporary text types
  • colourful, vibrant design
  • focus on key reading skills
  • carefully graded vocabulary and grammar
  • vocabulary building exercises
  • test-style exercises
  • consolidation summary task
  • listening and speaking activities to consolidate vocabulary and structures


  • 6 full-colour Student's Books, 88 pages
  • 6 Teacher's Guides
  • Reading texts available as audio recordings

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